Throne Of Glass~Sarah J Maas Review

5/5 Stars         Throne Of Glass~Sarah J Maas

“We all bear scars… Mine just happen to be more visible than most.”

Celaena Sardothein is the world’s deadliest assassin… but even those destined for greatness that can find themselves at the receiving end of betrayal.

After spending a year in the slave mines of Endovier, Celaena is offered a deal by the crown prince; she must represent him in a tournament to find a royal assassin for the King. If she wins, she will be granted her freedom after four years of serving him.
However, Celaena soon realises that even freedom comes with a price as she discovers the true secrets that lie within Ardalan.

Maas captivates the fantasy genre fantastically with her use of vivid imagery and rhetoric. She creates a world so authentic that it is hard to fault her because it is clear; she has dedicated her all to the planning process.

Throne of Glass is written mainly from Calaena’s perspective which only makes her character more relatable as we are able follow her journey every step of the way. Maas throws in little clues about Calaena’s past, almost to unravel her character and make her seem less associated with the traditional connotations of an assassin. Although, this has been criticised by some readers who feel Calaena’s character is an unrealistic portrayal of an assassin, particularly ‘the world’s best assassin.’ However, I feel this only adds to her dynamic as a character as you can relate to her as a teenage girl, and gain more insight into her past via her involvement in the tournament.
Following the typical genre convention of a YA novel, Calaena is embroiled in a love triangle that will leave many readers split between either suitor.

Overall, Throne of Glass is an exceptional novel that deserves serious recognition for its grasp of the fantasy genre. I would definitely rate it 5* as it is one of few that has a strong female protagonist, an intricate historical background with a sprinkle of sarcasm.

4 thoughts on “Throne Of Glass~Sarah J Maas Review

  1. aentee @ read at midnight says:

    I am glad you enjoyed ToG even though I personally had issues with it. I agree that it’s always lovely to see strong female protagonist who can be girly and considered strong at once. I also loved Celaena’s and Nehemia’s relationship! Great review!


    • Savi says:

      Hey, I’m so glad you enjoyed my review. It means the world honestly, what issues did you have with TOG… I know some of my friends had some as well but I think I had more issues with the 2nd book- Crown Of Midnight.

      Liked by 1 person

      • aentee @ read at midnight says:

        I thought that the book was very directionless. I later found out that the author wrote the book not knowing the exact plot and she was lead by the characters- which made a lot of sense haha.


      • Savi says:

        Haha that actually makes a lot of sense now that I think about it. Well for a book without a definite plot, I would say it turned out pretty well… There is probably room for improvement but it’s still a very good book with amazing characters 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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