My time at YALC 2015

This past weekend I attended YALC, also known as the Young Adult Literature Convention. It was my first time attending and I loved it… I really wanted to go last year, but ended up talking myself out of it. I’m quite an anxious person and the thought of the big crowds scared me… A LOT!!!!!!!

However, I had this voice in my head this year telling me to give it a go because my idol Cassandra Clare was going and I would be quite frankly a fool to miss it. The build up to YALC during the week was incredible, I was so excited and spent most of my days trolling the twitter accounts of all the confirmed authors and publishers I knew would be there… seeing all their tweets only made me more excited for Saturday and I found myself getting restless as the days went by. This was all pretty funny because as some of you may know YALC is also combined with London Film and Comic Con which my little brother and dad were attending, so naturally I expected my little brother to be even more excited than I was. Primarily due to the fact that he is eleven and a massive wrestling fan- two of his favourite wrestlers were attending LFCC.

Fast forward to Saturday where I woke up slightly groggy but pumped… today was the day I was meeting my favourite author of all time Cassandra Clare, as well as several others. My dad was coming to pick me and my brother up at 8am, considering I got up at 6:30… I did not have much time to get ready. Before you ask I didn’t go to YALC in cosplay, mainly because I did not want to get too hot through the day and I was also torn between several possibilities so just opted to go as a regular mundane. (hehe TMI reference)

This was my first time at a convention and if it wasn’t for the fun I had on the day, boy would it be my last because the queue was something else. It literally started from two roads down all the way to the Olympia but observing all the beautiful costumes did make it somewhat interesting.

IMG_20150717_125413IMG_20150717_12532320150718_093315I even spotted a Tessa from The Infernal Devices

Once we made it inside, I begged my dad and little brother to let me go upstairs to YALC so I could get a ticket for the Cassie Clare book signing and check out the stalls. The freebies were amazing and I managed to pick up a sample copy of Lady Midnight and various others. I also managed to get how to be bad by E.Lockhart for a fiver and a fantasy novel called dystopia by an author called Anthony Ergo (which I will be reviewing very soon).

Moving on to the book signings, before getting my book signed by Cassie. I had decided to queue for Malorie Blackman’s book signing whilst Cassandra was giving her shadowhunters talk. Malorie was an amazing, kindred spirit who not only signed my copy of noughts and crosses but asked me about sixth form and wished me luck for all future endeavors. She was lovely and was genuinely happy about how worn my book was as it showed how much I had read it.


So after Malorie’s signing, I went straight over to Cassie’s queue. This was it, this was the moment that I had been waiting for. ARGGHHH my heart was literally pounding out of my chest and the countdown began….YES!!! It was finally my turn to meet Cassie and get my copy of City of Heavenly Fire signed, as well as give her my fan letter. Sweet Oreos, Cassie was incredible. She complimented my earrings, asked me who my favourite character was (I said Magnus because OBVS) and blessed my book with her signature. Can we also talk about the fact that there were shadowhunter models walking around who were so fit OMG (insert heart eye shaped emoji)


20150718_132418 So after Cassie’s signing my dad and little brother were restless, to say the least and wanted to go downstairs to level one to browse the film and comic merchandise. I actually found three really pretty necklaces (one was a lego thor, an anime character and necklace that said bad wolf), I also picked up these really cute Minnie mouse sunglasses and a captain america keyring. I wont lie though LFCC was very overcrowded compared to YALC and where I could spend hours in YALC, I don’t know if I could in LFCC.

Overall, the day was amazing. I enjoyed it so much and left with a suitcase of books and two totes of freebies, sweets and various other goodies. Needless to say, YALC will be seeing me again next year.

~Savi XoXo


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