Pretty Thing Review

Pretty Thing by Jennifer Nadel


Published February 5th

Published by Corsair


A stunning coming-of-age debut full of love and danger, secrets and lies: this is a dark, tense, hard-hitting novel about two girls forced to grow up fast…

When fifteen-year-old Becs meets Bracken, she is convinced she’s found her soul mate. So what if he’s much older? He understands her, she feels free with him and when he holds her she feels safe.

But is she?


*This review might be a bit short because as much as I enjoyed this book, I also hated it so it is just really hard to write a comprehensive review, sorry guys*

I received this book a few months ago from The Guardian to review for The Childrens Book Site.However, due to the backlog of books that I have had to read these past few months, I just never got time to read it.

Set in the 70’s to the soundtrack of the Beatles, Bowie and the Stones. The novel follows Becs, a fifteen year old girl who along with her best friend, Mary Jane is having a hard time finding herself… that is until she meets Bracken, the one guy who pays attention to her and makes her feel safe. However, when her best friend, Mary Jane is sexually assaulted, Becs begins to realise that may be the world isn’t as safe as she thought.

This book was one of those that once I started, I completely struggled to put it down. Nadel effortlessly sets the atmosphere through her use of vivid imagery, that even if you weren’t born in the seventies (I sure as hell wasn’t) you sure feel like you were.

I also loved the main character Becs, she was such a convincing character and completely portrayed all the emotions teenage girls go through. She was insecure yet quite wise beyond her years, in comparison to most teenagers her age. However, the affair between her and Bracken is somewhat dark and extremely perverted, I found it very unsettling throughout the course of the story. Honestly, it just reminded too much of Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita and left me feeling angry once I finished it.

It was also quite nice to see Becs develop over the course of the story and begin to take control over her life as she gained the strength to do so. Overall, I think Pretty Thing is an okay read and definitely something you can read over the weekend as it is quite a quick read.

Rating 3* (I did not really like the ending as I found it to be anti- climatic)

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