Book Review: Hysteria By Anthony Ergo



HYSTERIA sees Sasha, Aaron and Zara travel to America to combat a coven of Black Witches who are inflicting Hysteria on the local society. Can Sasha help her friends overcome the most deadly of foes and uncover the truth about Dystopia Day while trying to graduate as an Agent?

HYSTERIA is the second book in the paranormal YA series, DYSTOPIA by Anthony Ergo.


I received this book from the author Anthony Ergo in exchange for an honest review. All opinions stated are my own.

Hysteria is the follow up novel to Dystopia and somehow manages to top the first one by a mile. I finished Hysteria in a day after doing nothing else but binge-reading for the whole day. This sequel sees Sasha in America as she trains in the Academy, whilst also helping her friends (Aaron and Zara) combat against two very powerful black witches who have inflicted the curse of Hysteria on the locals.

The writing in this book is incredible and somewhat captivating… Ergo has a very rare way with words that enable him to keep you hooked each chapter. It is something I give him a ton of credit for because I also say “anyone can write a story, but it takes a genius to create a masterpiece” Furthermore, the fact that Ergo isn’t already a household name actually somewhat frustrates me, because it is so obvious that he puts everything into his writing.

Now, in terms of character development. I wasn’t entirely sure how much more Ergo could possibly make me fall in love with the main characters (*Wink, Wink* Aaron). However, this book unravels so many more layers to the characters that I found myself gravitating to them more; and each for different reasons.

Aaron, Aaron, Aaron ❤ I think it is pretty obvious that Mr Hart is my favourite character, as I personally think he is the most relatable character. Hysteria sees Aaron struggle with his past as he finds himself battling with alcoholism, whilst Sasha is away. The fact is Aaron spent his whole childhood with a parent who saw alcohol as their only form of therapy,and when the going gets rough, he results to it too. Now, you may wonder why someone would turn to the very thing that destroyed their mother… The truth is, I don’t know *I’m not a therapist*. But, what I can guarantee is that all this will only make you love Aaron even more.

Sasha grows so much in this book because no more does she let her fears consume her, instead she faces them head on. Whilst Sasha is training at the academy she is seen as the underdog by her competitors and not taken seriously due to her lack of powers. However, rather than let this affect her she works hard with her partner Dexter to become the best student the academy has seen. The relationship between her and father is so beautiful to watch, as they grow so much closer in Hysteria… I guess that’s what happens when there are no more secrets.

Zara is one of a kind and there isn’t much I can say about her apart from… AMAZEBALLS ❤ Honestly, all the characters in this series have such relatable qualities and quirky personalities, that it would be horrifically crazy if you didn’t like them.

This book ticks all the right boxes for me and is a definite recommendation to any one out there that has read Dystopia, but not picked up the sequel. It it also a recommendation for those prospective buyers *GO OUT AND BUY THIS BOOK*

Rating: 5**************************

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