Farewell Guardian Children’s Books


Today is the last day that Guardian Children’s Books will be live, after today the website will still be functional in the sense that you can view book reviews that have been posted on the site but it will no longer be updated nor will reviews be posted anymore. Honestly, I am heartbroken about this because it was that platform that gave me the confidence to start this blog and begin writing again. If it wasn’t for the Guardian publishing my reviews, I may never have started writing for the feminist magazine I write for now and that is a sad thought.

The best thing about the site is that it not only gave teens and children alike confidence to post their writing but it also encouraged us to read a whole lot more. The lovely book elves over at the Children’s Books site also gave us opportunities a plenty, such as interviewing authors or going to early film screenings. *I will never forget when I got to see Me, Earl and the dying girl before all of my friends* When I got the email a few weeks ago to say that the site would be shutting down, I got really upset because it was not something I was expecting, who knows if we will ever get a site like it again that allows you to freely post reviews to such a widespread platform.

Some of you that follow me may never even heard of the site and if that is the case, I hope that after reading this, you go and check it out. I will post a link below so you can hopefully see why it is so sad. Before I go I want to thank the book elves, Emily Drabble and all the people that were involved in making the site the greatness it was, it will forever remain your legacy!!!!!!!!!!

Guardian Children’s Books


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