Oh book blogging, how I’ve missed you!

Hey Doves,

By now you probably would have noticed that it has been forever since I last posted on this blog and I am sorry for that. Last year I made the silly decision to stop book blogging completely and focus on my other blog which is more lifestyle based and I have regretted that decision ever since… since I stopped book blogging, I have felt like there is something missing in terms of blogging and I have come to the realisation that I never should have left in the first place.


So much has happened in my life since I left, e.g I now work at ITN as a Digital and Creative media apprentice where I sort of freelance between ITV, C4, C5 news as well as their productions department. I have also read a ton of books since I last posted, some of which I am really eager to post reviews for because they aren’t exactly the most commercial or mainstream reads so I have a strong feeling a lot of you guys will probably never have heard of some of them.


I know you guys have more than likely given up on this blog but I sure hope that you can restore faith in what we once had as I plan on resuming reviews/book tours etc from Friday this week! *eek* Maybe even earlier if I get too impatient haha, so please stay tuned… I won’t disappoint.




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