Dangerous Girls Book Review

Dangerous Girls by Abigail Haas

Publication: July 16th, 2013 by Simon Press

388 Pages

Genre: Young adult/Mystery/Suspense Thriller


It’s Spring Break of senior year. Anna, her boyfriend Tate, her best friend Elise, and a few other close friends are off to a debaucherous trip to Aruba that promises to be the time of their lives. But when Elise is found brutally murdered, Anna finds herself trapped in a country not her own, fighting against vile and contemptuous accusations.

As Anna sets out to find her friend’s killer; she discovers hard truths about her friendships, the slippery nature of truth, and the ache of young love.

As she awaits the judge’s decree, it becomes clear that everyone around her thinks she is not just guilty, but dangerous. When the truth comes out, it is more shocking than one could ever imagine…

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I initially read this book a few months ago and was left mind-blown, so I didn’t even bother writing a review because I felt psychologically abused to be honest. But, this past weekend I stupidly decided to read Dangerous Girls again and I am so done with being emotionally messed with that I am passing the responsibility on to all of you. *nice, right?!*

First things first, dangerous girls has a really simple cover but I think it does it justice. I always thought that the shattered glass in the background was quite strategic because it can represent so many of the events that happen in the book.

I feel like Haas does a really good job of unraveling characters, I almost feel like she treats her characters like china dolls in the sense that as the story progresses she reveals a new layer of their personality. I love the fact that she does this because it makes the protagonists so much more interesting as you are constantly learning new things about them, which isn’t always a good thing as it can leave you screaming and sobbing in a curled up ball on the floor because the character you were rooting for turns out to be a douche.

When characters betray me

The characters in the story were hard to relate to, I think this had something to do with the nature of the story. I mean, murder is quite a heavy topic even more so when it’s your best friend that’s been topped off, so emotionally they were quite detached, although I do think that this added to the suspense and mystery surrounding Elise’s death as it was hard to imagine that any one of them could be responsible for her death.

Unlike my previous review on We Were Liars where I was developing the feels for a fictional character *as you do*, I didn’t really have that here. Tate, the male protagonist came across like a privileged douche at times and I felt like he lacked backbone which may sound a bit harsh, but that is entirely how I felt. I was a bit saddened by this because there is nothing better than having a crush while you’re getting immersed in a book…It makes everything worthwhile.

My First Crush=Uncle Jesse

Overall, I would recommend Dangerous Girls to anyone who is looking to have their mind blown. This is an amazing book, and a definite keeper on your bookshelf.

Rating: 5*


We Were Liars Book Review

We Were Liars by E.LockhartWeWereLiars__140612011956-575x883

Publication: May 13th, 2014 by Delacorte Press

225 Pages

Genre: Young Adult/Romance/Suspense Thriller


A beautiful and distinguished family.
A private island.
A brilliant, damaged girl; a passionate, political boy.
A group of four friends—the Liars—whose friendship turns destructive.
A revolution. An accident. A secret.
Lies upon lies.
True love.
The truth.

We Were Liars is a modern, sophisticated suspense novel from National Book Award finalist and Printz Award honoree E. Lockhart.

Read it.
And if anyone asks you how it ends, just LIE

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I initially read this book because my friend kept pestering me to and I wanted her to shut up but I love love love this book, it is so emotionally driven and remarkably written and I am so grateful to my little buttercup for telling me about this book. Also word to the wise, do not read this book and then attempt to sneak peek at other pages or read spoilers because it will spoil your experience. The twists in this book are enough to turn anyone grey, don’t add anymore pressure to yourself. Please, I am begging you.

We Were Liars focuses on the affairs of a very rich and privileged New England family… The Sinclair’s. The main protagonist Cadence describes the family as “Old-money Democrats, with square chins and wide smiles.” At the head of this family lies Harris Sinclair- Cadence’s grandfather and a man “drunk on power.”

The story follows the lives of Mirren Sinclair, Johnny Sinclair, Cadence Sinclair and Gatil Patel (a boy whose connection to Cadence threatens to blow the family apart)… Together the four make the Liars, a close-knit group who are considered “trouble” by the adults around them, yet their sympathetic outlook to the rest of the world suggests that the only threat they pose is empathy. (” Be a little kinder than you have to”)

Through Lockhart’s use of vivid imagery and metaphoric language, she presents an insight into a family that is so fuelled by capitalism and luxury that they fail to see the world around them, it is almost as if society begins and ends on their Beechwood Island, just off Martha’s vineyard. The adults in the story only mirror this, with the liars often retelling tales of their parents alcoholism issues , fights over fortune and prejudiced views.

Words cannot describe how much I connected to Cadence because her situation is just so sad.  She is the girl who pretty much has everything, yet is in such pain. I can not tell you the amount of times I cried for Cadence, I’m sure my poor book still has tear stains from my endless hours of sobbing. It just really makes you realize that money doesn’t buy happiness and that it would be foolish of us to assume so.

Me reading every chapter

I crushed hard on Gat because he just came across as this delicate, pure soul who sees the world as a whole, rather than a fragment of an aristocracy. That probably has something to do with the fact that he wasn’t brought up in that lifestyle so he is meant to reflect us mere mundanes who understand that not every one has the same opportunities in life. He is the only one out of the liars who isn’t afraid to speak out against Harris or call the others out on their judge-mental BS, I love him A LOT… I may be in love with a fictional character but its okay because we will be together in spirit and in my dreams , and for now I give Cadence permission to have him.

The other characters; Mirren and Johnny were a bit meh. I liked them, don’t get me wrong but I found it hard to connect to them both on the same level that I did Cadence and Gat. I am not sure if this is because I mentally and emotionally got so attached to the others, but I just couldn’t connect, which was frustrating but that happens I guess.

There was also this really cool thing I loved where Cadence took fairy-tales and adapted them to the story so that it fitted in with a situation she was going through. But they were not your average boy meets girl in need-saves her-falls in love-the end… they were more like fables as they actually had meaning and a valid lesson at the end of it. Needless to say, I loved them. I actually just finished writing them in my diary because I want to read them every day: in the car,  in class, on the toilet *TMI much* hehe  P.s if you want to look for them they are usually towards the end of the chapter, except they aren’t in every chapter. I think they start from chapter 16.

Overall, I would recommend We Were Liars to anyone who enjoys suspense and poetic writing. It is also a really quick read so perfect for the holidays. Comment below if you have read it 🙂

Rating: 5*